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Ritual Boxes

Made for people (by people) who have been doing moon ceremonies* since the dawn of time.

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“I’m FINALLY getting the recognition I deserve.”

Your one-stop-shop to manifest the h-e-double-hockey sticks out of the next full moon (and create a mystical life).

Our Full Moon Ritual Box, plus an invitation only full moon workshop coming soon!

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What people are saying about our moon ritual boxes & emails

“Licia Morelli & Gina Gomez KNOW the moon like no one else. I love using the box to make my moon rituals my own sacred ceremony!”
– Laura Gatsos Young
“These moon rituals are the best! It’s everything I’ve needed to pull the ceremonies together. Also, they’re fun…and not hard!”
– Shannon Stewart
“I love these moon boxes and moon ceremony workshops! They take working with the moon to the next level.”
– Liza Gardner Walsh
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